Pioneers with a mission

Privacy matters. Period. This is the reason why we exist. We have developed a software-as-a-service platform that offers identity protection solutions, aimed at preventing ID theft from even happening.

Our solution is primarily distributed through partners and with our proprietary technology we have not only created new business opportunities for them. We have above all helped and created a safer online presence for hundreds of thousands of people all over Europe.

We are always connected

We do our shopping online, spend our time with friends and family through social media, we establish new contacts through digital forums, we play games online, use online services before and during traveling and when we communicate we do it through e-mail or connected applications.

In addition to this companies and organizations spend more and more time and effort on digitalization, affecting processes as well as ways of working.

A safer life

A safer life for everyone

The digital context is reflected in almost everything in one way or another. Thus, to a very large extent, we live our lives on or through the internet today, privately as well as professionally.

Therefore, we would argue that our services do not only help protecting your digital life – they help protecting you and your everyday life. In the end this is all about safeguarding your privacy and to protect yourself against intrusion and criminal misdeeds. Last but not least, even if the potential problems and risks derive from what you do and how you behave online, the consequences can and will be very noticeable in the physical “offline” world as well.

About us and our business model

Eyeon Group AB is a Swedish publicly listed company, headquartered in Stockholm with sales office in Dubai. The idea started to take form in 2014 and the company was founded in 2015.

global problem

Our products and services are designed for a global market and address a global problem. A problem that is growing rapidly. Today ID theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. We want to change that. From the inception, our mission has been to develop smart solutions and services that makes life on internet simpler and more secure for people, corporations and organizations.

Our business model is primarily B2B2X where our cloud-based services are distributed through partners that in turn have many customers in need of identity protection solutions. Most of them are large companies serving the mass market, often operating in the telecom, insurance, banking and retail industries. Our partners often expand and strengthen their offerings by bundling the EyeonID identity protection solutions into their existing product range.

The team at Eyeon Group

The capacity and area of expertise within the company ranges from deep technical knowledge to a broad business focus, where several have extensive experience from management roles in our main segments telecom, banking, insurance and retail. Our team consists of, among others, software engineers and developers, security and network specialists, linguists, UX and UI specialists, project managers, communicators and business developers as well as roles in sales and marketing.

Proprietary technology

With strong focus on security and compliance

The software is self-developed and proprietary to EyeonID with no 3rd party dependencies to deliver our main service. By using technology such as NLP (natural language processing) and AI we can understand context in a much better way.

With contextual clues we can locate personal information with greater accuracy and it also gives us the possibility to figure out the relation between pieces of information in a very reliable way.

All data is encrypted

All our processes and management of personal data meets the highest standards of the required regulatory requirements.

The personal data is processed in EU/EEA with a privacy and security by design mindset and our IT infrastructure is certified to PCI-DSS. Furthermore, all data that the users choose to monitor is anonymized, meaning that not even we can see the actual information entered by the users.