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About Eyeonid Group AB

Eyeonid Group AB, founded in 2015, is a Swedish publicly listed company, headquartered in Stockholm with subsidiaries in Belgium and the US.

We are specialists in cybersecurity, where have developed a software as a service (SaaS) platform that offers proactive ID protection solutions. The software is self-developed and proprietary to EyeonID with no 3rd party dependencies to deliver our main service. A service that is designed for a global market and address a global problem.

From the inception, our mission has been to develop smart solutions that make life on internet simpler and more secure for people and corporations.

Business model and target groups

Our business model is primarily B2B2X where our cloud-based services are distributed through partners that in turn have many customers in need of identity protection solutions. Most of them are large companies serving the mass market, often operating in the telecom, insurance, banking, and retail industries.

Our partners often expand and strengthen their offerings by integrating and bundling the EyeonID identity protection solutions into their existing product range. By doing this they do not only provide a safer online presence for their customers. It is also a great way for them to strengthen their brands and to accelerate their own businesses with new revenue streams at strong margins.


In 2017 Tirsys CVBA was acquired and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Eyeonid Group AB under the new name EyeonText. The company that is located in Belgium, focuses on natural language processing, a vital part of the AI domain, and offers a best-of-breed rule-based text analytics SDK. The team consists of software engineers and linguists with vast experience in the field of text analytics. EyeonText operates independently of EyeonID but the company´s product and technology is also a vital component of the EyeonID SaaS platform.

Corporate governance

Erik Hallberg

Chairman of the board (born 1956)

Erik has a background as a trained mechanical engineer and has a broad solid experience from technology-driven companies. Both in operational roles in leading positions, in everything from large international companies to smaller start-ups and growth companies, as well as board positions in both listed and unlisted environments. Erik has spent a large part of his professional career within TeliaSonera, where he most recently held the role of Executive Vice President for TeliaCompany.

Current assignments

- Chairman of the Board of Fidesmo AB and Haltian OY

- Board member of Feroamp AB

Previous assignments

- Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Telia's Baltic subsidiaries both listed and unlisted

- CEO of Telia Carrier with about 30 international subsidiaries

- Board assignments include HiQ International AB (publ)

- Edgeware AB and Prevas AB (publ)

- Founder and chairman of Glocalnet AB


Erik Hallberg owns, privately and through companies, 100,000 shares in Eyeonid Group AB.

Pontus Karsbo

Board member (born 1994)

Trained technician. Pontus currently works as CEO of StayLive, a fast-growing IT company in streaming & video. The company delivers white labeled OTT platforms and Pontus is one of the founders and initiators of the company. Pontus is driven by business development and has with his background in technology, and a focus on business & business development, a strong understanding of what is required to build fast-growing companies. Pontus has been a long-term shareholder in Eyeonid Group AB since the listing in 2016.

Current assignments

- CEO StayLive AB

- Board member of Edsbyn Arena AB

- Board member of EPK Invest AB


Pontus Karsbo, owns privately and through companies, 620,515 shares in Eyeonid Group AB.

Carl Höglund

Board member (born 1978)

Educated at IHM Business School in Stockholm. Holds an MBA from Stockholm University. Holds several security accreditations such CISM, CISSP, CPP, PSP and PCI. More than 20 years of experience in security and IT management as well as political affairs. Carl currently work as Senior Advisor and Member of Group Management team at Tempest Security AB (publ). Previous roles include Head of Security, Head of IT positions at Modern Times Group MTG AB (Kinnevik Group) as well as Political Advisor in the Mayor’s office in City of Stockholm.

Current assignments

- Senior adviser Tempest Security

- Chariman of board Obtain Control AB

Previous assignments

- Political Advisor Mayor’s office City of Stockholm 2011-2012

- Senior positions within Modern Times Group MTG AB (Kinnevik Group) 1998-2017


Holding in Eyeonid Group AB: 28 532 privately owned shares.

Lena Lohajner Lindberg

Board member (born 1956)

Lena has a degree in business administration from Uppsala University and has for most of her career worked with business and corporate governance as well as with operational line responsibility for sales and marketing units. Lena has a great strength in business understanding within a development-driven business. During her years at Telia, she has built up a solid experience and competence around business management and follow-up both as CFO and in various finance functions. Lena has also served in both management and board positions with an international connection.

Current assignments

- Tf CFO Telia Company AB, Global Services & Operations

Previous assignments

- CFO -TeliaSonera Group Technology Networks & Products

- Vice President, BI & Reporting

- Vice President, Head of Business Control & Marketing


Lena does currently not own any shares in Eyeonid Group AB.

George Tsaros


CEO of Eyeonid Group AB as of December 1, 2021.

Carl-Magnus Jönsson

CFO (born 1983)

Masters in Business Administration with specialization in accounting at the University of Stockholm. Has for several years run his own business in auditing, finance, accounting and taxation.

Carl-Magnus Jönsson Ekonomikonsult AB 100%.

Holdings in Eyeonid Group AB: 61 979 private and 98 018 company shares.

Thomas Daae


Grant Thornton with Auditor Thomas Daae.

A safer life for everyone

Since 2015 we have been working relentlessly towards making digital aspects of life simpler and more secure for people, corporations and organizations.

We are specialists and pioneers in the field of proactive ID protection solutions. We use our own proprietary technology and we meet the highest security and compliance standards.