EyeonID Portal

Get started fast

Get started fast

Our white labeled responsive web solution, known as the portal, is suitable for those who want a fast and easy integration, without having to spend too much time and effort on own IT development. Some features and components are standardized and fixed whilst some are flexible and optional.

The entire portal can be provided in your local language and it can also be white labeled with your logotype, colours and font. In addition, the following is always included:

  •  Proactive ID monitoring, including alarm and recommendations

  •  User profile/account settings

  • FAQ section

  • Basic support information

What credentials (personally identifiable information) the customer should be able to monitor and how many, is flexible and will be defined in the contract.

Example of credentials:
  • E-mail addresses

  • Credit card number

  • Personal identification number

  • Passport

  • Telephone numbers

  • IBAN

Expand with additional features

Based on your preference and choice you can also offer your customers an even more comprehensive solution by adding any or all the following features to the portal:

Password check

With our Password check the user can check existing passwords against a database of millions of previously stolen and leaked passwords. This way the user can avoid choosing already compromised passwords.

Risk profile score & surveys

Risk profile score is a compiled assessment of the user´s behavior, knowledge & safety online, and is determined by several factors. It will guide the user towards better understanding of the risks of being exposed to ID theft.

Activity report

A personalized monthly report that automatically is sent out by e-mail to the user. The report summarizes the main events and actions that have taken place in the last month.

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Join us in partnership, strengthen your brand and increase your revenue by offering ID-protection to your customers.


For a cloud-solution where the service is integrated in your environment.

EyonID Portal

If the portal seems like the best solution for you and you want to start discussing.

Onboarding your customers

There are 3 different basic ways you can let your customers access the web portal. Depending on your choice and needs.

Using single sign-on

The customer registers and logs in from your side on, on your domain. This is based on a standard OpenID where we initiate a connect login flow towards the identity provider. Once logged in we verify that the id is a registered customer.

E-mail & link
Using e-mail & link

In short, we obtain the customer's e-mail via an API request. The customer will then receive a customized e-mail, sent from us. The e-mail contains a link to your branded version of the portal where the customer chooses password and logs in.

Using vouchers

We also offer a solution that is based on that you as a partner will receive a certain number of voucher codes from us. These voucher codes are then used by the customers when they access and register an account in the portal.

Up and running in a few minutes

Up and running in a few minutes

Once the customer has onboarded it only takes a couple of minutes to activate the service by adding their credentials they wish to monitor and protect.

Pricing models for partners

Rather than offering fixed list prices, our pricing is based on a mutually beneficial and very simple principle - if our partners are successful, we will be successful. Our model and offering structure is built to be flexible towards you as a partner as well as to the local market situation.

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Full product description

For more comprehensive information, download the full description in PDF.

How our service works

Learn more about our proprietary technology and how our service works in general.

Security and compliance

All our processes meet the highest security standards and we are certified to PCI DSS.

How others have done it

Learn and be inspired by how other companies have implemented our portal solution

What were their specific drivers, how did we solve them and with what solution?


”The service EyeonID provides will be as given and obvious as antivirus software installed on a computer”

A safer life for everyone

Since 2015 we have been working relentlessly towards making digital aspects of life simpler and more secure for people, corporations and organizations.

We are specialists and pioneers in the field of proactive ID protection solutions. We use our own proprietary technology and we meet the highest security and compliance standards.