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Identity Theft

Eyeonid offers companies an out-of-the-box solution for proactive identity protection. The service warns companies and individuals when Eyeonid has found their private or personal information available online in the wrong forum.

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51 Days

Average number of days that thieves exploit information after it has been stolen


84% of Swedes are concerned about personal privacy online


Of the world’s Internet users believe that security is a problem while they are online

Source: Javelin Report, Ericsson

Eyeonid is a Proactive Service

Customer’s data is stolen

Eyeonid finds the leak on the Internet and alerts the customer

Customer reacts and locks the stolen data

Data is locked and cannot be exploited

Customer’s data is stolen

Data is exploited

Reactive services respond reactively that data has been exploited

Customer experiences identity fraud

Previously Leaked Sites

How Eyeonid’s Services Work

1. Customer selects data to be secured

Customer registers all the information that should be searched for and monitored by Eyeonid. This can be, for example:

  • Credit cardCredit card numbers
  • EmailEmail addresses
  • IDPersonal ID numbers
Monitor your credit cards, email addresses or SSN number
Protect your identity all over the world
2. Eyeonid searches through volumes of data and information

Around the clock, all year long, Eyeonid searches both mechanically and manually through a variety of data points in the quest for finding customers’ secured data. The search takes place both in the public network as well as the Deep Web and the Darknet.

3. Warning with recommendations

If Eyeonid discovers that any of the customer’s secured information is available in the wrong online forum, Eyeonid’s system immediately sends the customer a warning, along with recommendations for actions to be taken.

Get notified - ID protection online

What Type of Clients Do We Serve?

Primarily Eyeonid’s target customers are various cooperation partners. We provide integration to their existing service, or offer a new service to the end-user. For example, Eyeonid’s services are well suited for:

Insurance companies
Broadband and telecom operators
User-based services

Interested in forming a partnership with Eyeonid?

Contact us at sales@eyeonid.com