Identity theft knows no boundaries

Identity theft knows no boundaries

Even if our main target groups and current partners primarily are within telecom, banking and insurance – the world is becoming more digitalized and identity theft is a global problem so our services could be most relevant for other industries and businesses as well. We offer a highly contemporary product that is relevant for all customer groups, regardless of age and interests.

Build your own local product

Our core is partnership relations. We provide the technology to build a solution for you. A solution that is aligned with your brand and that can be bundled with other services which makes it possible for you to create your own ID-protection solution within your existing product range.

Within retail, we have a partnership with Elkjøp, the largest electronics retailer in the Nordics. They have implemented our solution as a relevant offering to sell in connection with the purchase of a computer or a cellphone. Skimsafe is another example, a company that is focused on security solutions for credit cards where we act as a service provider to supplement and strengthen their offering. We also work with Etvas, a digital marketplace for add-on services. The company targets large customers in the European market looking to implement a similarity to benefit programs, where our ID protection is provided as one of their primary products of choice.

Build your own local product
Be creative

Be creative, we love innovating together

As all our products stem from our API, we have the possibility to innovate with the data we find and adapt to your potential needs. Do you handle a lot of customers and passwords? Maybe as an online community or through an online computer game where your customers put their heart and soul into the avatar? How about protecting your customers from account takeovers by checking for any potential weaknesses in compromised assets together with us?

Are you handling a lot of credit cards or social security numbers? What if we could alert you if we find them online in places which could indicate a potential fraud?

Main benefits

Exactly how relevant it could be and what specific benefits we can bring to your business will of course depend on what line of business you are in and what your current challenges are. It is only the imagination that sets the limit.

Increased revenue

Increased revenue

By offering your customer an ID protection solution and if you for instance sell it as a free-standing value-added service you will have a new and recurring revenue stream with an EBITDA margin that usually exceeds 50%.

Increased loyalty and reduced churn

Increased loyalty and reduced churn

You will offer an “always on” service that creates continuous value over time as well as additional relevant interaction points with your customer which enables you to compete with more value than just a lower price.

Strengthen your brand

You will have a unique, innovative product that makes you stand out from the crowd and that also shows that you care since you help them safeguard their everyday life. Our services are also ideal for any company that have trust or safety as associated attributes to their brand.

Make it your own

How you and your customers can access the service

Our services can be accessed and delivered to you as a web portal or through a RESTful API. Both solutions can be provided in your local language.

Strengthen one of your existing offerings by bundling the service into an existing product or sell it as stand-alone. It is of course your needs and pre-conditions that in the end will govern what solution you choose.


  • Allows you to fully control and customize the solution

  • Tailored customer journey and customer experience

  • Greater flexibility and seamless bundling

  • Cloud-based

EyeonID Portal

  • Consists of fixed as well as flexible and optional features

  • Fast and easy integration and customer onboarding

  • White label support - logo, colours and fonts

  • Cloud-based

A safer life for everyone

Since 2015 we have been working relentlessly towards making digital aspects of life simpler and more secure for people, corporations and organizations.

We are specialists and pioneers in the field of proactive ID protection solutions. We use our own proprietary technology and we meet the highest security and compliance standards.