Challenging times for operators


A recent study showed that mobile operators on average spend 15 percent of their revenues on network infrastructure and IT – but a whopping 15 to 20 percent on the acquisition and retention of customers. Reducing churn by keeping current customers and preventing them from switching to other operators is one of the key factors in staying profitable.

Stagnated growth is another big challenge

Since almost everyone in a mature market has a telecom provider, the ways to grow are in many ways limited to:

  • Win over customers from the competitors by lowering prices

  • International expansion

  • Expansion of your existing services

One of the more risk-free options to tackle this situation is by adding value added services. It is one of the most cost-efficient solutions to stagnated growth, and often far cheaper than an international expansion or lowering prices.

If the service is relevant enough it can also prevent churn. The bigger challenge is to provide a service that in the end is the right one.

Telecom is the gateway to the internet and to communications in general. It is via your services we consume the internet, expose our online personality, and share our personal information. In other words, a bond of trust is already in parts established between you and the customer. By offering our services you go full circle in attending that trust, something that can create both goodwill and loyalty.

Listen to your customers


Feel that the Telco companies should provide an online security solution.


Are interested in buying an ID theft protection service.


Say that they would prefer to buy such a service from a Telco provider.

Source: Allot

ID-monitoring, a value added service with relevance

We believe that our ID-monitoring service has great potential in tackling both churn and stagnated growth, and equally important: we believe that it holds real relevance for your line of service.

Build trust and relevance

Build trust and relevance

Bundled services are common in the telecom industry and range from streaming sites and access to media to discounts in stores etc. We do however believe that the service we can provide, ID-monitoring for a safer online experience, holds even more relevance for your line of business as you are the gateway to the internet. This will make you gain trust in the bargain as well as make you stand out from the crowd.

For the new digital era

Digital security for a new era

To protect the consumer`s digital life is not a new thing for telecom. Traditionally telecom has been one of the main providers of Anti-virus software for the consumer's home computer. However, people in general no longer keep personal and work-related files and documents directly on their computer. They store them online, in the cloud. ID-monitoring is a solution for keeping the customer safe in this new era.

Drive online traffic through SEO

Drive online traffic through SEO

Creating content and offering a service related to identity theft and cybercrime in general is a great way to drive online traffic related to a frequently searched and engaging subject. In other collaborations our partners have seen an increase of more than 50% in incoming traffic from organic search with keywords related to our service and cybercrime. As the awareness of ID theft increases, the higher the search volumes will be.

Increase customer engagement

Increased customer engagement

An ID-monitoring service means that you get an additional channel through which you can communicate with your customers, via for instance the alarms. This could widen the communication beyond extended subscriptions and bargain of prices and also generate much more traffic to your existing customer interfaces. Finally, having you as ID-monitoring service provider will also increase the incentives for the customers to stay with you.

Instantly SAFE

Instantly SAFE

Telenor is integrating with our API as this allows them to fully customize the solution and increase the value and usage of their own interfaces. The service has been bundled with other components under the branded name ”SAFE” and is accessible to the customers through their mobile app and “my pages”.

Make it your own

How you and your customers can access the service

Our services can be accessed and delivered to you as a web portal or through a RESTful API. It is of course your needs and pre-conditions that in the end will govern what solution you choose.

However, to really bridge the challenges and take advantage of the benefits we have described we strongly recommend the API. This will give you much more flexibility to customize, it creates better conditions for you to keep your customers within your own interfaces and it will make it easier to bundle this specific service with other relevant products.


  • Allows you to fully control and customize the solution

  • Tailored customer journey and customer experience

  • Greater flexibility and seamless bundling

  • Cloud-based

EyeonID Portal

  • Consists of fixed as well as flexible and optional features

  • Fast and easy integration and customer onboarding

  • White label support - logo, colours and fonts

  • Cloud-based

A safer life for everyone

Since 2015 we have been working relentlessly towards making digital aspects of life simpler and more secure for people, corporations and organizations.

We are specialists and pioneers in the field of proactive ID protection solutions. We use our own proprietary technology and we meet the highest security and compliance standards.