Rather than offering fixed list prices we customize the price model together with our partners. That way we make sure that both parties will benefit in the highest degree possible, given the unique conditions at hand. This is based on a very simple principle - if our partners are successful, we will be successful.

The price towards the end customers and the margins for you as a partner is something that is discussed, agreed upon and defined in the contract and will depend on factors such as:

  • Type of solution such as API or web portal and included functional features and content

  • Objective and "go to market" model

  • Your engagement and commitment level

  • Expected sales volumes and market growth potential


To simplify, the model is primarily a performance-based revenue split including target levels and startup costs. We also provide additional services such as market, sales and development support where we see many benefits with working closely with our partners.

The more success you have with the product we launch together, the more this partnership should generate for both ends. The margin for you as a partner will depend on the factors mentioned above but the partners we have who successfully have launched this as a free standing value added service has an EBITDA margin over 50% of the total share.

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Since 2015 we have been working relentlessly towards making digital aspects of life simpler and more secure for people, corporations and organizations.

We are specialists and pioneers in the field of proactive ID protection solutions. We use our own proprietary technology and we meet the highest security and compliance standards.