Crimes such as identity theft, online fraud and "offline fraud" are complex. The line between the digital and the physical world can sometimes be blurred. But regardless of whether the crimes are ultimately committed in the digital or the physical world, they have one thing in common - the information that makes the crimes possible almost always has its origin in information that has been leaked on the internet. On this page you will find information about these types of crimes as well as how to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

ID theft - general information

About ID theft

ID theft is one of the world's fastest growing crimes. Yet the level of knowledge about this type of crime is alarmingly low amongst the general public.

ID theft is growing - it is time to act

The world is becoming more and more digitalized which also means that the risks of being exposed to cybercrime increases. Learn more about the the consequences.


About phishing

Learn more about this illegal method that cybercriminals use to deceive people into giving up personal information.

How to spot a phishing email

Learn some of the most common signs and clues that you are dealing with a phishing email.


How cybercriminals can exploit your email

In this article you will learn more about the consequences if your email ends up in the wrong hands.

How cybercriminals get hold of your email

Learn more about how your email can end up in the hands of cybercriminals and how you can prevent it.


Why your password is a big deal

In this article you will learn more about why it is important to create a strong password.

How to create a secure password

Learn more about how to create passwords that are secure and how to remember and manage them.

The dark web & illegal trade

The different areas of the internet

In this article you will learn more about the diffrence between surface web, deep web and dark web.

What your identity is worth on the dark web

Learn more about how the illegal market on the dark web works and what your data is worth.

A safer life for everyone

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