Text Analytics

Turn your text into the data that matters to you

We live in the information era, we are swamped by texts through media, social media, internal communications, and publications. Most of the information around us is unstructured.

Tap into that vastness of information with the Wowool Portal or Wowool SDK. Select the pieces that are relevant to you and turn them into data.

Our engine is based on pipelines, an ordered set of components that you can select from our marketplace. The three basic types of components are:

  • Languages

  • Domains

  • Apps

This component provides the tokenization, morphological, and part-of-speech analysis for the supported languages.

The domains contain the linguistic engines that annotate text with semantic annotations, such as Person, Company, HealthIssue, Threat, PositiveSentiment, etc.

Examples of domains are Entity, HealthCare, Recruitment, and Cybersecurity.

The apps transform the output of the other 2 components in a variety of ways. You can use them to get topics and categories, or for formatting purposes, like getting graph database output or CSV files.

Greater Customization

We provide you with the same tools we use to create domains so that you can create your own and cover the cases that apply to your context. The API is also built with flexibility in mind to be integrated using your favorite language client-side.

Use cases


Our NLP is at the core of our ID Security solution. We find private identification information in the data that is being sold for cybercrime.


Find pathologies, symptoms, diagnoses, medication, therapies, and treatments. What seems to work? What are the side effects? Identify physical and mental health issues that might require intervention.

Customer Support

The most exciting business opportunity. Find out what makes your customers tick. Discover interactions between customers and how they perceive an organization throughout their business relationship.


Companies, positions, hard skills, soft skills, perks, locations. Match candidates with companies.

More information


A web-based platform providing easy-to-use access to EyeOnText’s NLP technology


Wowool is an NLP development platform for intelligent content management.


Our SDK gives you access to the native libraries to build extended applications.

Text Analytics for everyone

Our NLP open platform, known as the Wowool Portal, is suitable for those who want a fast and easy integration of a text analytics solution. The portal provides a series of building blocks or components that can be expanded by the user to make it fit their needs.