Stock information

Major Shareholders

New rules (MAR) for insiders were issued the 3rd of July 2016. The reporting rules regarding Largest shareholders was changed simultaneously. The new rules means that Largest shareholders no longer have a reporting obligation, provided that they are not in leading positions, or related to these and therefore are registered as insiders.The new rules also means that the company is no longer required to report or publicly share the shareholder lists on its website, as these lists are available for everyone at Euroclear Sweden AB.

The Company has chosen to publish the current list of the ten largest shareholders in the Company as of December 30, 2016. Due to the new regulations this section of the website may be changed in the future. For those who are interested the shareholders list is maintained at Euroclear Sweden AB and available to everyone.

Please note that certain shareholders may, through nominee registered shares have a different holding than is seen in the share register.