How to create a secure password

There is more to creating a secure password than just making it long. In this article you will learn how to create passwords that are secure as well as tips on how to remember and manage them.

Tips when creating a password

  • Never use public information – e.g. numbers connected to your home address, year of birth, phone number, names of family members - as this information is available to the hackers as well. The same goes for names of pets, your favorite artist etc. since it can easily be found be found on either your social media profile or “tests” you may have interacted with on your accounts.

  • Keep it random – avoid real words and names since cracking tools are really effective (and fast) at processing words, letters and numbers. Instead use a combination of random uppercase and lowercase letters mixed with numbers and special characters e.g.: “¤” or “&”.

  • Longer passwords are always better – go for at least 10 characters. The longer your random password is the more processing power it’s going to require in order to crack it.

  • Create unique passwords for each account – If you use the same password all accounts are at risk if someone gets access to one of them.

How to manage your passwords

Get a password manager

With a password manager you can store all your passwords in one place. Simply by pressing a button you get a randomized and very secure password that you then save for a given account. When you want to access the password, you log in to the password manager and retrieve it. However, you still need to remember the password to the password manager, but don’t worry we got that covered too: see below.

How to create and memorize your password

Think of a passphrase and then extract the first letters of each word as well as mixing upper and under case letters every other word. Switch some of the letters for numbers and throw in a few special characters and you got yourself a good password. Just don’t forget to keep it at least 10 characters long. An example could be the phrase: “I like to watch movies and drink beer with friends”, which could be transformed into “1LtWm@dBwF”. In this example the word “I” was replaced with the number 1 and the “a” was replaced with a @.

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