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SkimSafe´s goal is to offer the most comprehensive protection against modern frauds in the Nordics. Due to the collaboration with EyeonID, they are now closer to fulfilling that goal. Our proactive monitoring services have strengthened and supplemented their offering and we look forward to continuing this journey together.

SkimSafe is a Swedish company with focus on developing innovative security products and services. Their products and services are sold by some of the biggest retailers in Europe. So far, they are best known for their “SkimSafe security card” that protects bank cards from contactless skimming, which has also received a lot of PR attention lately.

Last year they launched their service SkimSafe Online - a protection against modern frauds.

  • Monitoring of e-mail and credit cards

  • Single sign-on (SSO) for smoother access and user experience

  • Using our white label web portal

  • A bundled offering under the name SkimSafe Online

  • Increased customer engagement

  • New revenue stream

  • Increased customer lifetime value and loyalty

Background & purpose

A logical extension

As SkimSafe already was providing security solutions through their safety card, this next step was not far to take. For instance, they were seeking ways on how to increase the dialogue and interaction with their customers as this was fairly limited and they also wanted to explore new ways of how they could penetrate their existing customer base even further.

Most importantly though, SkimSafe also wanted to add another component to strengthen their offering in their pursuit of being able to offer the most comprehensive protection against modern frauds in the Nordics. The company applies a “one-stop-shop” strategy where simplicity and having everything under the same roof is key. A strategy well aligned with the demographics of their customer base. In addition to their own SkimSafe card and the solution we provide, they also offer an insurance and a surveillance hub connected to many local authorities in Sweden.

”We wanted to create the best service and were looking for the best solutions on the market to support our own offering. We also needed a partner that could deliver very fast and with flexibility. We found all this and more with EyeonID.”

Carl Martinsson, Co-founder & Co-CEO, SkimSafe

What made us the preferred vendor

Flexibility and the proximity principle

Before SkimSafe made their choice they also evaluated large international providers as well as free services but in the end, we came out stronger than the competition. Our solution and how we work turned out to be a better fit for SkimSafe where they specifically valued our technological capabilities as well as our level of flexibility and adaptability.

Another aspect that also played some part was the proximity principle. Not only that both companies were located in Stockholm, but rather and above all, that we had strong local references. In addition to this we had similar values and ideas as SkimSafe as well as similar background stories.

The solution

A white labeled web portal

SkimSafe is using our proactive ID-monitoring service for e-mail and credit cards with alerts and recommendations. The service is accessed through a responsive web portal that we have provided under the SkimSafe brand. They also went for the single sign-on solution that we offer for customer onboarding and login for an even smoother user experience.

The solution is sold under the name “SkimSafe Online” and it is bundled with an assistance element, insurance as well as surveillance of information held by authorities. So far it is only sold in Sweden but there are plans on expansion to many more countries. The service is predominantly distributed through large retail chains but SkimSafe is also pushing it through social media to support direct sales.

The offering was launched during the autumn of 2020.

Key results so far
  • Increased customer engagement

  • New revenue stream

  • Increased customer lifetime value and loyalty

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